A Community Free from Hunger, Cold, and Isolation
Mt. Si Food Bank provides food and related services to individuals and families who find themselves in need of basic necessities. We strive to help people remain self-sufficient in the community and to maintain a sense of individual worth and dignity.
The year 2015 marks the celebration of our 40th year of service.
Started with humble beginnings, two widowed women serving people out of their own homes, we moved to a 2,000 sq ft location in 2014 where we serve approximately 130 households each week.
With the help of many volunteers and generous donations from the community as well as ongoing support from the Snoqualmie Valley Ministerial Association the Mt. Si Food Bank has been providing a place that serves food and spiritual needs to the people of the valley.
The Mt. Si Food Bank assures that every family and individual in the Snoqualmie Valley has access to God’s loving hand and hand up during difficult times.
The Food Bank staff consists of one part time employee and an ever growing number of volunteers from the community. Many churches and their people volunteer on a regular basis.
Mount Si North Bend WA FoodbankMt. Si Food Bank relocated to 1550 Boalch Ave NW here in North Bend in 2014. We distribute food every Tuesday from 9:30 am-6:00 pm. If you are in need of assistance call 425-888-0096 or email [email protected]
Everyone is welcome, no one is turned away.
The employes, volunteers, and associated vendors are all accountable to the Snoqualmie Valley Ministerial Association.