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Calen Benito Munoz

I go to Snoqualmie Elementary School. I am 7 years old. I live with my dad and mom and my 2 dogs Owen and Rico. I like to volunteer here because it’s cool and fun for me. This is my favorite job ever. My favorite sports are soccer and basketball. At school, I like to play outside on the swings with friends. I like ride my razor around the neighborhood, run in sprinklers in my backyard and pretend I’m superheroes in the rain. What I want to be for Halloween is the Riddler. I love to play XBox and spend time with my dad and mom.

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August 24, 2014 by Mt. Si Foodbank | News

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Volunteer Stories – Ryley Loya

August 20, 2014 by Mt. Si Foodbank | Our Stories

Hi, my name is Ryley Loya and I moved to the valley just over a year ago. Along with being in my high school’s National Honor Society which requires you to do community service, I also do it outside of that. Nothing feels better than doing a bit of volunteering and serving your community. I… Read more

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We strive to help people remain self-sufficient in the community and to maintain a sense of individual worth and dignity.
We could not accomplish our mission without out dedicated volunteers. Thank you!
We welcome everyone making sure they feel loved respected, of great value, and encourage their self esteem.
Celebrating our 39th year of service. Started by the ministers of the valley seeing the need of the people in our area.